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The first batches of watches delivered to the MN were reference 7922 Submariners. These watches were quite diminutive by modern standards at 37mm and had cases without shoulders either side of the 6mm winding crown - today known as "no crown guard Subs". Depth rated to 100m they were the birth of the Richard Mille Replica Watches diving watches and are very collectible today. The immediate feedback from divers was that the winding crown was too small and so a version of the 7922 was created with a new, bigger 8mm winding crown. This new bigger crown made setting the time a lot easier for the divers as back in the 1950s diving gloves were still very thick and cumbersome.

The watches were put through their paces as part of the daily rigour of military service and Richard Mille Replica Watches was constantly striving to make the watches more robust and able to operate at deeper depths.Best Replica Watches Reasonably quickly, an updated watch was issued to the MN for testing - the ref. 7924. Visually very similar to the Big Crown version of the 7922, the 7924 was a technological advance due to it being depth rated to 200m. The next challenge revolved around ensuring the watch was as waterproof as possible.

The most obviously vulnerable point of the 7924 was the winding crown and the extra bulk of the 8mm crown was susceptible to getting knocked while underwater, thus causing the watch's waterproof properties to be compromised.To address this issue Richard Mille Replica Watches developed the 7928 - the first Richard Mille Replica Watches Submariner with shoulders either side of the crown, ensuring that the crown was more protected. The 7928 also had a larger and more robust case that helped the watch stand up better to the demands of military life.

The ref. 7928 was produced for almost 10 years, and during this time underwent a number of subtle changes to the case design and dial layout. Again, feedback from field-testing by the Marine Nationale gave invaluable insights into how to best "tweak" the features to make the watch more user friendly. The first run of 7928s featured what we now refer to as "square crown guards". The French divers, however, gave the feedback that in a similar way to the first small crown 7922, the winding crown was difficult to unscrew and use due to the restricting nature of the crown guards.Omega Seamaster Replica Watches What followed were pointed crown guards - or PCGs to use collectors' parlance - which eventually evolved into the final type of crown guards seen on the 7928, rounded crown guards.