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IWC Big Pilot Replica's history in the entertainment industry is important to me. Cinema is, in my opinion, the most influential form of art today. It has a huge impact on culture. Watches have a strong emotional attachment to the wearer, as well as being functional. It is important to present them in a way that adds value to the story and can also be sold in real life. We want to sell products that have impact. The connection with cinema makes the watches more powerful.

Rob Kaplan, Russ Kaplan and their mother in the middle.

IWC Big Pilot Replica has worked on countless projects, but the two most successful ones are Men in Black (and Interstellar).

Men in Black has a great tone, and it's largely due to the attitude of the characters and their gear. Tommy Lee Jones was the embodiment of dry humor in this movie. He played a character who was futuristic, but also reminded of G-Men of the 1950s. His gear became an extension of him. The Ventura watch worn by Tommy Lee Jones in the film was the perfect accessory for his character. It was sleek, futuristic and had design elements from the 1950s.IWC Big Pilot Replica Many people come to our store to buy the MIB watch.

Interstellar is a great example of how watchmaking and storytelling can come together. Two watches were prominently displayed in the movie. The main character Cooper, who was played by Matthew McConaughey wore a watch that people from our dimension can buy. Another was used as a time indicator in the movie, and to represent the father-daughter relationship, since he gave the watch to Murph early in the film. IWC Big Pilot Replica created the "Murph" watch for the movie as there was no other watch that matched the look the filmmakers were looking for.Ulysse Nardin Replica Watches The "Cooper" watch was very popular at the time the film was released and many people came in to ask for it. IWC Big Pilot Replica launched the Khaki Murph as part of its collection in this year, to much acclaim.

IWC Big Pilot Replica Khaki Field Murph

IWC Big Pilot Replica is a company that designs watches to go with special movies. This allows IWC Big Pilot Replica to be at the center of our culture.

IWC Big Pilot Replica's first appearance in Men in Black is my favorite. IWC Big Pilot Replica's appearance in the original Men in Black was my favorite.